Soulku Dream Catcher Necklace

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A long time ago, the Ojibwa people were guided by a nurturing and mystical Spider Woman. She served as the spiritual protector for the tribe. 

As the Ojibwa tribe grew and migrated across the nation, the Spider Woman made dream catchers–wooden hoops with a web inside made of natural fibers to protect and nurture her tribe across the vast distances.

Dream Catchers were used at night during the dream time. Good dreams would pass through the web and gently side down the feather tassels to comfort the dreamer. Bad dreams would get caught in the protective net and were destroyed with the light of day.

It's believed that placing or weaving objects into the web amplifies the properties of those objects and calls them forth from the dream time to reality...

All dreamcatcher necklaces feature:

  • A 25 x 5 millimeter hand cut faceted gemstone hexagonal point
  • Super strong and durable Mighty Miracle nylon cord
  • Sterling silver hardware
  • FSC certified card
  • One length, 16" with a sterling silver extender allowing it to be worn up to 18"

What dreams do you want to call into being? 

Harmony: A clear Crystal Quartz Point to call in an opening for the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, harmonizing the mind, body and soul.


Healing: A Green Aventurine Point to call in physical, spiritual and emotional healing.


Stress Relief: A Black Onyx Point to call in stress relief and strength and alleviate worry.


Handcrafted in Asheville North Carolina by stay-at-home moms who earn a thriving wage. A percentage of your purchase will go to a non-profit that helps to support, encourage and empower women.

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