Soulku Soul-Full Long Earrings

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Handcrafted earrings that look as lovely as your intentions. 

  • 7X10 millimeter howlite (dyed) gemstones
  • Sterling silver filled ear wires
  • Sterling silver wrapped
  • FSC certified card


Beautiful Howlite earrings help to encourage patience and calm communication.


Tiger Eye earrings help to activate insight and personal empowerment.


Gorgeous pink Rose Quartz earrings help to amplify unconditional love.


Bright orange Aventurine earrings help to amplify creativity, possibility, abundance and prosperity.


Black Onyx earrings help to alleviate stress and worry and anchor strength.


Deeply colored Green Aventurine earrings help to encourage healing.


Amazonite gemstone earrings carry the energies of courage, truth and compassion.


Amazing Pearl earrings help to anchor light and connect you to your inner goddess.


Handcrafted in Asheville North Carolina by stay-at-home moms who earn a thriving wage. A percentage of your purchase will go to a non-profit that helps to support, encourage and empower women.

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